An office to serve all

After pursuing a career as a Judge and Prosecutor for nearly three decades, Javier Gómez de Liaño and Mª Dolores Marquez de Prado decided to open their own Law Firm. From the beginning, they established two targets: the tireless pursuit of Justice, and to act under the dictates of an incorruptible conscience.

       When a lawyer accepts to defend someone it is because he considers that the claim is fair. Article 1 of the General Statute of Lawyers establishes "The legal profession is a free and independent trade that provides a service to society in public interest (...) taking into account harmony and Justice".

      The Law Firm GÓMEZ DE LIAÑO & MÁRQUEZ DE PRADO practices what for so many years its founders have done, to serve Justice. We remain at the service of Justice, and also at the disposal of those who need it.