Practice Areas

Although the Firm is specialized in White Collar Crime offences, we haven’t lost our general vocation.

The emergence of new offences in recent years, or the modification of the existing ones, makes criminal law a complex science in need of expertise, such as crimes against property and the socio-economic order, fiscal fraud, money laundering, environmental crimes, privileged information or "insider trading".


We are equally involved in international criminal law, such as passive extradition or international legal assistance, and penitentiary law.



It is true that Justice is not at its very best, and people become desperate. On the other hand, Courts are overloaded due to the excess of lawsuits. In line with existing models in other countries, GÓMEZ DE LIAÑO & MÁRQUEZ DE PRADO considers that conciliation, transaction, arbitration and mediation are, or can be, useful tools to avoid the traditional long legal process.